Matthew Chan’s Upcoming Real Estate Investor Workshops / Meetings

I will be announcing and scheduling upcoming real estate investor workshops and meetings on this page in the near future. There will be workshops and meetings in the North Atlanta and Columbus, GA areas.

Check back periodically for updates!

Planned workshops topics include:

  • How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing
  • How to use Joint Ventures to work and team up with co-investors and investment partners
  • Doing real-world Lease-Options in Georgia
  • Doing real-world “Subject-to” mortgages in Georgia
  • Doing real-world Wrap-around mortgages in Georgia
  • Doing real-world Land contracts in Georgia
  • Doing real-world Section 8 rentals in Columbus, Georgia
  • How to file tax appeals in Georgia
  • Little-known eviction tips & strategies in Columbus, Georgia
  • How to to partner-invest in real estate: Cash partnering, credit partnering, joint-ventures, deal-finding, and more
  • How to build your reputation & credibility as a real estate investor
  • How to creatively use credit cards for real estate investing without paying outrageous fees.
  • How to build/rebuild your credit quickly and which financial institutions to use and which to avoid